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Our divorce lawyers are specialists in family law & divorce matters in the greater San Diego county area. We are committed to excellence, compassion and truly understanding your divorce needs.

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Important Considerations When Seeking a Divorce

It is important that you have realistic goals.  While you most likely have an outcome in mind please understand that getting through a divorce is a give and take process.  While we will work to ensure you do end up with all of your requests understand that in most cases small concessions are necessary in order to attain the larger request.


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The very first step is to contact us and discuss your situation, your needs and decide what strategy is the best to pursue given your unique situation.  Our consultations are free of charge and we will sit down and review all of the facts of your case and counsel you on the best steps to take.


There is no obligation to use us after this consultation whatsoever.  We want to be helpful to you in your time of need and if it makes sense for you to retain us we will ensure we work out the best possible payment plan and terms to help you through this time. With San Diego being a military town we also have a depth of experience with military family law matters including military discharges.


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Our San Diego Divorce Law firm comprised of the best divorce lawyers in the San Diego County area represent clients in all aspects of divorce and family law.  We offer you a free consultation to discuss your potential divorce and will carefully advise you on the best way to proceed.


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A divorce can be a very painful time in your life.  The decisions you make during this time will most likely impact you for a significant portion of your life if not for your entire life.  These decisions will also impact children, family, friends and loved ones so it is extremely important that you not only make the right decision but that you have an aggressive divorce lawyer representing you.


Divorce doesn’t have to go to trial.  We have plenty of experience helping San Diego families settle their matters through what’s called mediation.  Mediation is a good alternative to a contested divorce and is a good way for all parties to have their needs met.